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SASjs Drive provides a virtual filesystem for stored programs and other content. It is available on the /SASjsDrive endpoint.

It provides the following functionality:

  • Explorer window (folders & files)
  • Ability to VIEW files (default action when clicking is to VIEW)
  • Ability to EDIT files (button action)
  • Ability to EXECUTE files (button action)


The explorer view allows folders to be expanded and collapsed, displaying their content.


The viewer is used to display content, with additional buttons to EDIT and to EXECUTE.


In edit mode, when edits are made, the EXECUTE button is greyed out. After clicking SAVE, the EXECUTE button is re-enabled.


When clicking EXECUTE, a NEW window (or tab) is opened with the file location in the _program url param. For instance, if opening /Public/subfolder/someprog then the url will be: /SASjsExecutor?_program=/Public/subfolder/someprog.