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SASjs Server Documentation

SASjs Server provides a visual interface and REST API for executing programs directly against the SAS executable (sas.exe/ The executable could be on a desktop, or an actual SAS server. It works in a broadly similar way to the SASĀ® Stored Process server, or the Viya Job Execution Service - if you have either of these, then it is likely you do not need SASjs Server.

SASjs Server is FAST - responsiveness (for SAS Stored Programs) is around 200 milliseconds. The following features are provided out of the box:

  • SASjs Studio - for running SAS code and examining webout content
  • REST API - documentation which can also used to make actual API calls
  • AppStream - a portal for home-grown or third-party SAS-Powered Web Applications

If you are running older versions of SAS, or SAS on a desktop, then this product will enable you to:

  • Install third party apps (such as Data Controller for SAS)
  • Run tests on your SAS Jobs, Services and Macros
  • Execute SAS code from a browser
  • Execute JS code from SAS
  • Build applications on SAS

SASjs Server is MIT open source and the repository is available here: