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App Stream

AppStream is the gateway to apps on SASjs Server.

Creating Apps

Anybody can create an app for SASjs Server - it just needs to be compiled using the SASjs CLI. The output of this process is a zip file that can be imported to any SASjs Server instance.

Deploying Apps

Simply click the "Upload New App" button and select the local zip file containing the app you wish to deploy.

Alternative deployment approaches include:

Securing Apps

If you are running in "Server" mode you can grant permissions at the level of User or Group to any uploaded application - just click on your username, then "Settings", then "Permissions", to create the necessary rule(s).

Available Apps

SASjs Server does not have an in-built "app store" (due to our security policy of having no external web requests), however you may download apps yourself from the following locations and upload them to your SASjs Server instance.

Productivity Apps

Data Controller for SAS®

Data Controller is a full-blown SAS application to provide business users with a carefully-controlled capability to make changes to data in SAS.

The app can be downloaded from here:

Documentation is here:

Seed Apps

The following apps are presented as "starter packs" with which you can build your own SASjs App:

Angular Seed App

A demo app built using Angular. Builds are published to the releases page.

Minimal Seed App

This is a simple demo app built with Vanilla JS and SAS. You can find the latest version on the github releases page

React Seed App

The primary template used by the SAS Apps team. Artefacts available on the releases page.


The serious part of the game series is that you can see how easy it is to deploy generic web apps to SASjs Server - or any SAS server for that matter!


Needs no introduction. Release assets available here:


Another video game classic! Release assets are available here:

Rock Roller

Dodge the trees and move down the slope! Release assets are available here: