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SASjs Studio

Run SAS or JS code in a single interface! Just select your preferred runtime from the dropdown next to the running man.

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It is possible to ctrl-click to run code, or to highlight and select the running man icon.

Code is saved in local storage, so you don't lose your work if you close the browser tab.

SAS specific

The big difference between SASjs Studio and other SAS executors is that every execution is with a CLEAN session.

Other than that, everything works as you would expect. The log is sent to the log window, and the WEBOUT page contains any content sent to the _webout fileref.

JS specific

When running JS code, any console.log() statements are sent to the log window, and any content saved in the _webout variable is sent to the webout page.

Launch Mode

When clicking the LAUNCH icon, a NEW window (or tab) is opened with the file location in the _program url param. For instance, if opening /Public/subfolder/ then the url will be: /SASjsExecutor?_program=/Public/subfolder/